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Conference Series

The Luxembourgian conference „MultiPluriTrans. Emerging Fields in Educational Ethnography“ carries on a series of international conferences on ethnographic research organised by German-speaking educational scientists.
Since 2009, these conferences are carried out bilingually in German and English.



  The first conference „Ethnographie und Pädagogik“ took place in 2006
in Zurich (Switzerland) and was organised by Dr. Bettina Hünersdorf,
Prof. Dr. Christoph Maeder and Prof. Dr. Burkhard Müller.
buch ethno2006
  Frankfurt am Main/Germany    
  The second conference has been carried out under the title „Ethnographische Forschung in der Erziehungswissenschaft. Felder, Theorien, Methodologien“ in 2009 in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). The organisers were Prof. Dr. Barbara Friebertshäuser, Prof. Dr. Helga Kelle, Dr. Christina Huf, Dr. Marion Ott, Dr. Antje Langer, Heike Boller, Sabine Bollig and Sophia Richter.
ethnotagung 2009
  The third conference in the year 2011 was carried out under the title „Ethnographie und Differenz in pädagogischen Feldern“ in cooperation with the committee „Qualitative Bildungs- und Biographieforschung“  of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (DGfE) (German Society for Educational Science). This conference has been organised by Prof. Dr. Michael Göhlich, Nicolas Engel and Thomas Höhne.
bild erlangen